Lake Mesocosms

Lake Mesocosms
Legal name of organisation
Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
Organisation address

Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
Department Biology II
Aquatic Ecology
Grosshaderner Str.2

Primary contact information (PI)

Prof. Herwig Stibor
Dr. Maria Stockenreiter

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Years of Mesocosm Experiments
1997 - present
Description of Facility

outdoor in lake – pelagic – freshwater

Up to 60 mesocosms (1 m diameter 0.5-15 m long) attached to raft or floating ring in the lake

Controlled Parameters

Temperature, light, nutrients, species composition, mixing, stratification depth

Research Topics

Plankton ecology, climate change scenarios, stoichiometry, predator-prey systems, resource competition, biodiversity und community assembly

Facility location(s)
Primary interests
Specialist areas

Field station with C-mat,  CN analyser, Dionex, wet lab, microscopes, nutrient analyses, Multispectral PAM, 8-LED-based Algal Lab Analyzer, Spectroradiometer, climate chamber
access to lake in protected area


small kitchen, seminar room

Photos of experiments/installations

Mesocosm installation with raft and floating rings in Lake Brunnsee (Photo: Stibor)

Mesocosm installation – view of the bags under water (Photo: Stibor)