ExStream System Japan

ExStream System Japan
Legal name of organisation
Arctic Research Center - Hokkaido University
Organisation address

Kita-21 Nishi-11 Kita-ku


Japan 001-0021

Primary contact information (PI)

Asst. Prof. Jorge García Molinos

ExStream network coordinator Asst. Prof. Jeremy J. Piggott




Years of Mesocosm Experiments
Acquired in 2017. Currently applying for funding to conduct experimental research
Description of Facility

The ExStream System comprises 128 circular stream mesocosms offering strict control of experimental variables, excellent statistical power and a high degree of realism, such as permitting natural immigration and emigration of stream organisms (invertebrates, algae and microbes) and achieving the same ambient temperature, light conditions and water chemistry as the adjoining river/stream. The mesocosms are arranged in eight blocks of 16 units each, and each of these blocks is continuously supplied by stream water gravity-fed from one of eight header tanks via 16 individual supply pipes.


The Experimental Stream mesocosm network (ExStream) comprises replicate installations in New Zealand, China, Japan, Germany and Ireland and is coordinated by Asst. Prof. Jeremy J. Piggott at Trinity College Dublin (jeremy.piggott@tcd.ie).  

Controlled Parameters


Research Topics

Interactive effects of climate change and other human stressors in regulating community composition and structure and ecosystem functioning in streams.

Facility location(s)
Primary interests
  • Climate change
  • species interactions
  • multiple-stressors
Specialist areas

Aquatic ecology, climate change ecology


Wet lab and basic analytical equipment (e.g. microscopes, furnace) available from the Research Station


Available on site at the Research Station

Source of Information
Photos of experiments/installations
Photo credit: Jeremy (Jay) Pigott
Photo credit:
Figure credit: Jeremy (Jay) Piggott